'Joxer, you can barely kill time!'

'I have many skills'

'Again, what is it?'

'Maybe you didn't hear me, Doctor. Getting pregnant requires a certain physical element that I haven't had for a long time... I'm talking a VERY long time. I am a love-free zone, so it is utterly *impossible* that I be up the duff! What's your diagnosis *now*?'

'Gabrielle couldn't save a cat in a sack without me'

'Been there, done that, didn't work'

'How I feel about you doesn't matter. It's you who has to live with yourself'

'We all eventually become who we pretend to be, so you'd better pretend to be something you can live with'

'Life is a joke. It's a bar room joke at that'

'I am the scourge the gods sent to punish your people'

'Kill them all!'