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These are the song lyrics that don't fit under the other two. Some were sang on the show, others were on the Xena soundtracks.

Jenata iazdi samotna
Neinoto minalo srazi ia
Sreshtu voiskite ot tumen sviat
Vouva za dobro tia
Rogovi zvunove idavt
Napraite put na voina!
Tupani biat vuv ritum
Princhesata e pak tuka!
The warrior princess rides alone
Her past drives her from the shame

English translation

Against the forces of the dark world
She fights for good, not for fame
Horns sound her coming, blare her alone
Make way the Warrior! Cheer!
Drums beat are rhythm
Let villians beware
The Warrior Princess is here!

Posora ia izgori povetche
Ot hiliada udara
Tora rasbi duha I
Tora koeto ne moge
Da ia ubie
Ia pravi po silna po silna

English translation

Disgrace burns more
Than a thousand blows,
It shatters the Spirit,
And suffocates the mind
Can faith be born of ahses
And grow to light another day?
What doesnt kill her makes her stronger
The Warrior Princess stands again.

JOXER THE MIGHTY: Warrior...Priestess...Tramp
"Bordello" version:
Joxer the Mighty,
Master of virility,
Every woman wants him
He's so sexy it's a sin
If you want a special tryst
He's the man you can't resist
By every measure he's a prize

Just check out my shoe size!

Joxer the Mighty,
Captain of debauchery,
Never seems to get enough
Of our tantalizing stuff
If you need some company,
With Joxer there's a guarantee

Of the highest potency!

Heck, I'd even work for free!

Take your filthy hands off me!

ALL: He's Joxer- Joxer the Mighty!

JOXER THE MIGHTY: Deja Vu all over again
Annie's version:
Annie, Banannie
She kicks fanny!
Dangerous with sword and knife,
Learned her skills in that past life!
Never will you outfox her,
She's as good as old Joxer!
I'm Annie, I'm Annie the Mighty!

WHAT DO I DO NOW -- Xena and Hercules animated movie
I went and let the bad guys win
Look what they did to you
I thought I was a warrior
Still I failed somehow
So tell me, what do I do now?

I thought if I did my best
Id never make mistakes
Id always win the battle
No matter what it takes
Id keep my friends from danger
Thats my sacred vow
So tell me, what do I do now?

Hear me silver sister moon
Shining in the blue
Had I wings to fly away
I would fly to you
But thats not what warriors do

Maybe theres more to being human
Than acting braving and strong
Maybe it is listening to your heart
And knowing when youre wrong
Its keeping the faith and trusting
Youll come thru somehow
And maybe thats what I'll do now

I believe well come thru me and you
Thats what well do now

The moon is up and there's a chill tonight
Come on and dance away the growing fright
Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care
Want to get with the rhythm to the morning light
I used to think that I liked being all alone
But now I'm feeling kind of warm like its nice to be
Should've know better than to want to be alone
But the beat is so strong, I got to take it on

Group of singers:
Come on, come on do it with me now,
come on, come on, do it with me now,
come on, come on, do it

Another solo singer:
[If you want my love, you got to drink the blood]
I want to dance with you I want you right next to me
I want your soul, and I'll give you what you need to be

Feel the music - sniff your hair
I'll keep you warm against the cold night air
Just one kiss is what you need right now
Just one kiss and I will show you how

Just one kiss is what you need tonight
To go dancing with the devil by the pale moonlight
come on, come on, do it with me now,
come on, come on, do it with me now,
come on, come on, do it,

If you want my love, you got to drink the blood
come on, come on, do it with me now,
come on, come on, do it with me now,
come on, come on, do it,

If you want my love, you got to drink the blood

Hush now my little one,
Please don't you cry,
Lay your head down,
On my shoulder and sigh
Sun's gone away,
Momma will pray,
Silence will keep
All the while you're asleep.